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Beth’s journey to find her passion

“After years of working in the beauty industry & having her own beauty salon, Beth’s skin, after always being calm, clear and spot free started to become hyper-sensitive, patchy and red.  Having struggled with Crohns Disease for years. Beth was then put on new medication for her Disease, to find that her skin issues along with suffering with weight gain and headaches, were unfortunately side effects of these pesky drugs. 
Beth has always had a huge passion for natural skincare and despite the necessity of these drugs, Beth has always followed a holistic way of life. 
Practicing Yoga most days, eating clean food and feeding her skin from the outside with nourishing products. Beth would now love to share her knowledge & products with you.
So, after carrying out research and talking to her many customers, she started creating her own skincare products to help heal sensitive skin.
Beth wanted to create an effective skincare brand that her customers could trust and depend on that actually did what it said on the label.  Our BAO products are made with beautiful plant based ingredients such as nut butters, essential oils and powerful plant & flower oils that actually work to deliver noticeable results. They nourish, heal , repair and cleanse the skin, naturally.  


Beth believes in healthy mind=healthy body=healthy skin = happiness! So another benefit of using essential oils, they not only help to improve your skin but also your mind and wellbeing. “

BAO Skincare’s Philosophy

Philosophy: “A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour”.


Our BAO Skincare products are handmade with love in small batches to retain their therapeutic properties, so that they are the most beneficial for your skin.
Our vision is to create natural, skin-loving products that help put a little extra happiness into your day and nightly skin care regime.
A little reminder that you are – beautiful inside & out, confident and loved!   Our BAO products therefore have many wellbeing benefits:
to help relieve stress, aid sleep, detox your body, boost your energy or lift your mood.